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The Vitalix® Story

Vitalix is a family-owned animal feed supplement business, started in 1989. Growing with our clients, we have improved our technologies, processes and products, but kept our personal service focus. Vitalix is committed to bringing the best supplements to your farms and livestock. Our product range is designed to meet your varied supplement needs. We Guarantee you get Integrity, Quality and Value with all your Vitalix Blue Tub products.

We know firsthand the important role supplements play in livestock health. We also listen to our clients—you. Vitalix Blue Tub protein and mineral  supplements are designed to meet specific nutrient needs. We take pride in our business, and supply only top-notch, uniquely-produced supplements.

Blue Tubs are for all your supplement needs. All animals–cattle, horses, sheep, goats, deer and bison. All scenarios—feedlot or pasture. All seasons—throughout the year and the production cycle. Commitment is an essential ingredient in our processes, our products and our philosophy.

Your advantage is in the Blue Tub. Vitalix mineral and protein supplements start with beet molasses. Our Tubs are processed with natural ingredients, no fillers, no additives. You get controlled consumption through our researched enzyme technology for increased roughage digestion efficiency.

Your advantage: Longer-lasting, higher-quality supplements, offering a better return on your investment.

We’ve done our homework. Unlike others, our Blue Tub nutrients maintain their form, not flaking. Vitalix Tubs also stay strong, they are built to withstand weather conditions and prevent over-consumption. They give your animals a quality protein and mineral feeding experience.

Animals will take natural breaks for water and eating other available feeds.

Your advantage: Efficient, reliable, convenient and effective supplement intake for improved health.

Vitalix Blue Tubs contain only the finest, highest-quality, natural ingredients.
Pure and simple.

We also offer environmentally-friendly eco-tub options for selected products.

We also offer our products in biodegradable tubs!

Your story is our story. We’re ready to listen.

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