Why Choose Blue Tub Supplements?

Unique Process: We micro-infuse essential oils to create quality products. Vitalix® Tubs contain heat-stable Vitamin A that protects and enhances rumen. Herd health is all about proper digestion, and our supplements help you see the improvements quickly.
Your advantage: Healthier herd, with a lower cost per head.

Controlled Consumption: Consistency is the key to controlled consumption. We use a continuous-flow cooking process that produces a consistent supplement. Vitalix® Blue Tub products are the same from top to bottom. Your animals will consume the same amount consistently, day in and day out. Our Proprietary Enzyme Package is proven to increase your animals’ digestive rumen efficiency by 15%–25%. The combination leads to controlled consumption.
Your advantage: Use 15–25% less forage and increase profits on your herd.

Improved Digestion: We use beet molasses for superior nutrition and palatability. Top phosphorus sources and betaine improve nutrient absorption in the stomach. Highly-complexed and protected trace minerals produce higher bioavailability.
Your advantage: Highly-effective protein and mineral supplement intake that goes right to the heart of health, the digestive system.

The Blue Tub Process

We start with a beet molasses base, cooking it to a precise standard, then blend in the proper formula of our Proprietary Enzyme Package, natural proteins, vegetable fat, minerals, and vitamins.

Blue Tub feeding supplements give you:

Feed Advantage:

  • Guaranteed consumption
  • Enhanced roughage digestibility resulting from our researched enzyme technology
  • Rumen-protected and heat-stable Vitamins

Nutrition Advantage:

  • Highly-complexed, protected trace minerals
  • Increased bioavailability of all key nutrients
  • Superior nutrition and palatability from the beet molasses base
  • Improved nutrient absorption with betaine acting like ionophors

Blue Tub supplements increase your feed efficiency, herd health and operation profitability.

Blue Tub Guarantees

We stand behind our products. We offer a Controlled Consumption Guarantee on our feeding Vitalix® Tubs. The Guarantee is for cattle kept in open areas – pastures, meadows, fields – following our feeding instructions and recommendations.

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